The inspirational Jugni Story

Born on a rainy night in a Godless city a nameless and neglected stray kitten wandered the streets in search of a family. Life wasn't kind, hunger and desperation led the young cat astray, joining a notorious gang. But fate intervened when the cat stumbled upon the awe-inspiring Matic Villa, the technological haven of the Polygon team. Seeing potential in this lost soul, the compassionate team took the cat in, showering it with care and affection. They named it Jugni. Punjabi for "the spirit of life, essence of life". In Punjabi culture, "Jugni" refers to a female spirit or folklore character that is often depicted as a wandering soul.

Jugni’s popularity soared, her touching story went viral. The cheeky cat found new friends who were inspired by her tenacity, and they quickly dubbed her Jugni "The Maticat". 

Jugni, became beloved Royalty of the Matic Villa, symbolizing resilience, love, and the indomitable bond between humans, animals, and the generous spirit of the crypto community. With a bright future ahead, Jugni's courageous story is inspiring.  

This is the narrative of $Jugni the #Maticat. And it’s only the beginning. 


Jugni has been welcomed and interracted with on socials by Polygon CEO/Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal and Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiron.

It's safe to say Meme culture is coming to Polygon and they're all for it!

Jugni Swap

$JUGNI is deployed at 

You can trade it using Jugni Swap, a personalized DEX with 0.02% transactions going back to the community marketing wallet. Marketing wallet is on a 6 person Gnosis Multisig with 4 approvals required for any transaction.

Donation wallet

Our token has 0% taxes. If you would like to contribute development and marketing funds, you can use our swap, play our flip game or donate to our community donation wallet. The community donation wallet of which funds will go to marketing has been set up on a gnosis safe multisig wallet with 5 admin addresses and requires 3 confirmations for any withdrawal. 

We ask our generous donors to only send MATIC on Polygon Network. Other assets on other networks will not be accessible to us.


The donation wallet currently contains:


Jugni's courageous story has inspired her first NFT collection, showcasing her journey from stray, to thug, to Matic Villa royalty.

But Jugni's journey has only just begun and this upcoming NFT collection, which is the first drop in a series also offers a "rare" NFT glimpse into her bright future. 

Contact us

While Jugni lives at the Matic Villa, the Jugni team are here to help with any questions you might have. But remember, $JUGNI is a Meme token and careful consideration should be made with any crypto purchase, volatility is to be expected. 

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